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Hobbytron ripped off my son for some airsoft guns. Cant reach them, charged back order and they can kiss my ***!!

Ripping off kids could in fact get them killed!! These buttlicks anticipate that you will have problems as evidenced by there Thank You letter they send with order. I have taken the appropriate steps to recoup our money and if these bastards try to debit my card again, I will simply cancel the card and get a new one issued. They lose, I win.

*** guys and your cheap chinese toys that break upon removal from package. Everyone do the smart thing and charge back your orders.

Scam the scammers I say! Never ever do business with hobbytron or airsoft products, you will regret it.

Monetary Loss: $104.

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Just an update on my hobytron experience. I did in fact cancel my card with the bank.

You would think that a legitimate company would want to contact me to find out why I did this, but no word whatsoever from them. They must operate by the throwing *** at the wall to see what sticks philosophy. They probably figure most people would just eat the cost and move on.

Don't! charge it back, there is nothing they can do about that.

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