I placed an order online with Hobbytron in Jan. 2009 for 2 radio control cars. They sent the order out slowly after several weeks of waiting. One car was substituted for something else and both were impossible to use because one was shipped with accessories meant for Europe 240 volt plugs and the other had parts missing, the nicad battery of incorrect type and size, etc. Obviously they shipped a bunch of low-end junk, not caring if it worked or not. I tried to call for days and nobody answered. Finally a woman answered and gave me an RMA number. I took the cars to their unmarked warehouse location and told them to refund everything. Even with the RMA number they issued, they refused, and nothing was used; it was in the same condition as they sent it me. I left the cars in their warehouse and took photos of their employee with the merchandise. They refused to issue a receipt or a refund. I left and assured them I would imitate a charge-back with my credit card. Their employees shouted threats, insults, and obscenities at us as we departed.

I went thru the dispute process with my WaMu credit card and they issued me back my credit. Unfortunately Chase took over WaMu bank after a few months and Hobbytron asked them to put the charge back on my bill, and they did, despite a written decision issued by WaMu in my favor. I contacted Chase's dispute department many times about this issue and they never did anything except give me a run-around. They promised to send me letters and forms, they promised to investigate, they didn't do anything except stall and insist the payment remain. In the meantime I noticed in the Chase Rewards part of their website, that Hobbtron had become an advertiser and partner there. Sweet deal for them! Two fraudulent customer abusers becoming best buddies!

My recommendation is to avoid Hobbytron! The company cares only that you send them payment, and cares not at all if you get what you ordered or if it works.

Also, avoid Chase credit cards and banks. Customer service is the last thing on their mind. I intend to take my business elsewhere, and you would be wise to avoid them too. Don't wait until you have a problem that you need their help to resolve. I found out too late that they treat good honest customers poorly and they seem to prefer to side with dishonest merchants.

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Everyone needs to get together at a specific time at their warehouses and fill our orders ourselves then close them down to avoid further children being ripped off by HobbyTron


This is great please describe location better. If we all go there together at same time ,we can fill our own orders and be sure to get the correct or equal value items . Also anyone from other states can make arrangements so they can join in on this actual fix of a bad problem.


that sucks.. i just ordered a UTG L96 sniper and it camper a day later with the first mailing price...nothing broken or different i was really happy

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