I ordered a product from Hobbytron, and without any prior notification they sent a "comparable" replacement. The comparable replacement was a no-brand name product, with the product name misspelled ("Supermacy" instead of supremacy), and no customer reviews could be found on any website.

After contacting the company numerous times and receiving the run-around, I informed Hobbytron I would be disputing the charge with my credit card company. Hobbytron quickly responded that I may send the vehicle back, but that I would have to pay shipping and a 20% restocking fee for the product that I did not order. It is unfortunate that with the ease of sending an email that they would be unable to fill my original order, they took the liberty of sending an inferior product claiming it would be acceptable. Hobbytron's customer service continually pointed to store policies that were not present on any of the receipts and could only be found when searching multiple pages of their website.

While my credit card company will be handling this situation, it is unfortunate that other individuals will most likely be caught in Hobbytron's "comparable" replacement product policy. The consumer should be making the choice or product, not what a company has on their shelf and would prefer to liquidate.

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